Chimichurri Squash Noodles


In just minutes, you can create a flavorful fresh dish that also offers a wide selection of health benefits! Due to the selection of fresh herbs that this recipe uses, it is rich in oxygenating chlorophyll for your blood. Zoodles, aka "zucchini noodles" are a low carbohydrate and low sugar alternative to traditional noodles.

Total time: 10 mins

Servings: 2

Chimichurri Sauce Ingredients


30 ml fresh thyme


250 ml parsley leaves


250 ml cilantro leaves

cider vinegar

30 ml cider vinegar

olive or avocado oil

60 ml olive or avocado oil


2-3 cloves garlic

chili flakes

5 ml chili flakes


5 ml sea salt

Zoodle Ingredients


2 mid-sized zucchini

baby tomatoes

250 ml baby tomatoes, sliced


  • Fill your Personal Blender 1.5 L blending container with all the chimichurri sauce ingredients and blend for about 30 seconds. 
  • Use a simple julienne slicing peeler to "peel" your zucchini all the way through to create zoodles. Toss in your baby tomatoes.
  • In a mid-sized bowl, toss your zoodles and tomatoes with 60-90 ml of the chimichurri sauce until well-coated.
  • Top with more fresh herbs and sliced tomatoes if desired. Enjoy and serve!
Chimichurri Squash Noodles

Chimichurri Squash Noodles

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