Broccoli and Potato Soup


Follow these steps for making chunky blended soups with the Soyabella Automatic Plant-Based Beverage Maker.

Total time: 35 mins

Servings: 1 L



375 ml cups water

almond milk

250 ml almond or other unsweetened vegan milk


250 ml broccoli, chopped


250 ml cooked diced potatoes

dried spices

30 ml dried spices of your choice


5 ml sea salt


2.5 ml black pepper

Directions for Using the Soyabella

  • Add all ingredients to the CARAFE. Place the MOTOR HEAD over the carafe securely.
  • Press the POWER (or Paste/Off) button and allow the cycle to process.
  • Once finished, remove the MOTOR HEAD and pour out your hot soup. Remember to use the handle of the CARAFE with care. The rest of the machine will still be hot.
  • You can sprinkle your soup with some toasted pine nuts for a healthy crunch. Serve and enjoy!
Broccoli and Potato Soup

Broccoli and Potato Soup

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