Veggie Blend Soup


Blend up a raw soup today! Try out this simple and easy veggie blend. The Dynapro High-Speed Blender will warm this soup to 48ºC in about 3 minutes and if you hold it there at that temperature, you will preserve all the nutrients and enzymes—it's the best of both worlds. A warm soup + phytonutrients for boosting your health!

Total time: 10 mins

Servings: 1-2



1 carrot

Red Bell Pepper

1 red bell pepper (seeds included)


1 zucchini

Red Onion

45 ml red onion


1 clove garlic

Olive Oil

15 ml raw olive oil

Sea Salt

1 pinch sea salt


  • Add all ingredients into the Dynapro blending container and secure the lid.
  • Optional: Add fresh herbs, like basil for fun variations!
  • Blend on high under vacuum in the Dynapro for 3 minutes, keeping an eye on the raw temperature indicator to prevent overheating.
  • Serve and enjoy!
Veggie Blend Soup

Gluten-Free • Vegan • Low Carb

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