Apple Sauce


Follow these steps for making apple sauce with the Soyabella Automatic Plant-Based Beverage Maker.

Total time: 35 mins

Servings: 750 ml - 1 L



750 ml diced apples, skin removed


250 ml water


45 ml raw sweetener of choice


5 ml sea salt

Directions for Using the Soyabella

  • Add all ingredients to the CARAFE. Place the MOTOR HEAD over the carafe securely.
  • Press the POWER (or Paste/Off) button and allow the cycle to process.
  • Once finished, remove the MOTOR HEAD. Remember to use the handle of the CARAFE with care. The rest of the machine will still be hot.
  • For a creamier blend, let it cool, then press the RAW (or Mill) button for 3-4 cycles. 
Apple Sauce

Apple Sauce

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